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Our group of individuals and companies, Moving Kids Off The Autism Spectrum, LLC., provides funding for families seeking advanced diagnostics and treatment with biomedical approaches. These techniques are designed to mitigate the symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorders. Our goal with early intervention is to provide recovery for children affected by food sensitivities, environmental toxins and/or specific genetic mutation. This race and day of celebration benefits our specific mission to further the exploration of how diet contributes to Autism and helping families afford specialized meal programs for their autistic love ones.

Applicants are selected by a board of experienced parents who have worked at recovering their own children.


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braeden"MKOS has helped me and my family explore treatment options that would have never otherwise been available to us. We are so grateful for this opportunity they have given us to start Braeden on his recovery process and we will continue to do so. "




reid buer"Reid was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 2 years old. We began by treating his autism as a medical condition. Our efforts have been focused on decreasing his inflammation and strengthening his immune system, allowing his body to fight off infections and rid the toxins. We are two years into our journey and have experienced great success.

"Reid's continued treatment includes the GAPS diet, NAET and supplementation. He is healthier, happier and better able to benefit from his traditional therapies."



St. Louis Family

"MKOS provided our family with education and access to a full spectrum of treatments, therapies, and services beyond what is offered in the traditional medical model. The changes we have seen in our son have been drastic in less than one year's time. The primary focus for us during this journey has included an allergen-free diet and vitamin supplementation. These changes coupled with his more traditional therapies including speech and occupational therapy have resulted in remarkable improvement. I'm nothing less than overjoyed by the progress we are seeing and the strides that our son is making, The quality of life for our entire family has been raised, and I fully believe I owe it to his amazing providers and groups like MKOS who introduce families like mine to the possibility that there is both hope and recovery."

--St. Louis Family


Erica and Ashley

"We consider our family blessed to have received an MKOS grant. Our 2 daughters, Erica and Ashley, have been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. They are receiving NAET treatments and supplementation as well as multiple therapies to address symptoms and behaviors of concern. They are also on a GFCF diet to help improve their overall health. Thanks to MKOS, we will be able to maintain our current therapies, and even explore new options, thus increasing the likelihood that Erica and Ashley will continue on the road to recovery. Thanks MKOS!"

-Amy & Craig


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